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Do you need to develop a application? in our development services we take care of everything. We do professional application development.


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iOS App Development

A constantly growing market. Reach millions of people with your application. More than 60% of internet connections are made through mobile phones. Application downloads shoot up year after year, reaching increases of more than 80% per year.

Android App Development

We also offer the possibility of developing the mobile app for the Google Play. Our team of application developers will take care of programming your app on Android. Using Android studio for Android.

The App Development Lifecycle

The app development lifecycle features several steps involved in a typical app development project. These steps include:

1. Planning

This first stage involves completing a business analysis and creating a mobile strategy. A business analysis, marketer and project manager are usually involved.

4. Developing

This phase includes front-end and back-end coding segments and is performed by developers.

2. Technical

In this next stage, a technical writer is responsible for describing all technical details and requirements.

5. Quality

During the quality assurance phase, tech requirements are tested and the device capability is reviewed to ensure that the app is working as it should.

3. Prototyping

In the prototyping phase, the sketch, wireframes and app skins are created. This is usually completed by a UX/UI designer.

6. Publishing

Finally, the app is published to the app store. Maintenance is provided on an ongoing basis as updates, new releases and new bugs arise.

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