Here are the simple few minutes steps that you can use to migrate your websites from one Kloxo Panel to another simply one server to another server .

For the test am taking the following references :

Domain :
Database Details :-
->Hostname : localhost
->Database Name : db_test
->Database Username : db_test
->Database Pass : password

Old Server Kloxo : Kloxo 1
New Server Kloxo : Kloxo 2

Old Server SSH : SSH 1
New Server SSH : SSH 2

Note : Do not change your DNS to new server as we need old domain working to wget the files and database .

Here we go :-

Step 1 . Login to your Kloxo 1 and login using root in SSH 1 .
Step 2 . Lets assume that we are moving to different server , go to File Manager > 

Then select your . It should show your files .

Step 3 . First unhide all files , Just click on T Hidden .

Step 4 . Then select all files using the checkbox . Then click on Zip , it will take few mins depending upon your processor speed .

Now you’ll be having something named in your files .

The location for your archive is /home/admin/ .

Step 5 . Head over to the SSH 1 .

Files backup is done , we’ll now going to take backup of your site database .

To backup database run the below command .

[code]mysqldump -u db_test -p db_test | gzip -4 > /home/admin/[/code]

After this command is executed it will then ask for your database password , just put the password as “password” . Remember its an database password not the Mysql root password .

Once password is given , it will start backup of database and place it with your site files .
Step 6 . Login to Kloxo 2 and SSH 2 .

Step 7 . Now create a new on new server in Kloxo 2 .

Click on Domain tab :-

Then add your here :- 

Step 8 . Now head over to SSH 2 .

Execute the following commands .

[code]cd /home/admin/[/code]


Now we’ll fetch files from old server to new server .


Step 9 . We now start procedure to restore files .

Be sure you still in same directory in SSH 2 .


The above command will extract files .

Step 10 . Now in order to restore Database , you first need to create new database in Kloxo 2 .

Click on MySQL Databases and then click tab for “Add Mysql Database” .

After the database creation , head back to SSH 2 .

Execute the following command .

[code]gunzip < /home/admin/ | mysql -u db_test -p -h localhost db_test[/code]

Again , use your database password to proceed with the restore . Remember it needed the database password to proceed not the root mysql password .

Finally , in the end your site is successfully migrated from one server to another .

If anyone is facing any issues in migration then you can leave a comment , we’d be happy to assist .