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Our Cloud Virtual Machines features 100% SSD and high-performance Intel vCPU. Perfect for many personal and business apps.


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Enterprise-grade infrastructure, for just a fraction the cost of the Big Tech clouds.


CPUMemoryHard DriveBandwidthPrice (Monthly)
1vCPU512 MB RAM20 GB SSD1 TB$6.00Order Now
1vCPU1GB RAM40 GB SSD2 TB$10.00Order Now
1vCPU2GB RAM60 GB SSD3 TB$20.00Order Now
2vCPU4GB RAM80 GB SSD4 TB$40.00Order Now
2vCPU8GB RAM160 GB SSD5 TB$80.00Order Now
4vCPU16GB RAM320 GB SSD6 TB$160.00Order Now
8vCPU32GB RAM640 GB SSD7 TB$320.00Order Now

AWS is available in the following Regions : US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris), EU (Stockholm).


These Cloud Instances is our KVM based virtualization infrastructure. Easily deploy in up to 47 different locations, all of them connected to 1Gbps ports. 

CPUMemoryHard DriveBandwidthPrice (Monthly)
1vCPU512 MB RAM10 GB SSD500 GB$6.00Order Now
1vCPU512 MB RAM20 GB SSD750 GB$8.00Order Now
1vCPU1GB RAM30 GB SSD1.5 TB$16.00Order Now
2vCPU2GB RAM40 GB SSD2 TB$24.00Order Now
4vCPU2GB RAM20 GB SSD2.5 TB$30.00Order Now
2vCPU4GB RAM20 GB SSD2.5 TB$30.00Order Now
2vCPU2GB RAM80 GB SSD2.5 TB$30.00Order Now
3vCPU3GB RAM60 GB SSD3 TB$45.00Order Now
4vCPU4GB RAM80 GB SSD4 TB$65.00Order Now
6vCPU8GB RAM160 GB SSD5 TB$110.00Order Now
8vCPU16GB RAM320 GB SSD6 TB$200.00Order Now
12vCPU32GB RAM640 GB SSD8 TB$350.00Order Now

Our Instances are all powered by SSD to ensure the best performances. Available in these all locations: Amsterdam, NL, Athens, GR, Belgrade, RS, Brussels, BE, Bucharest, RO, Copenhagen, DK, Dublin, IE, Dusseldorf, DE, Frankfurt, DE, Helsinki, FI, Kyiv, UA, Lisbon, PT, London, UK, Madrid, ES, Milan, IT, Moscow, RU, Oslo, NO, Paris, FR, Sofia, BG, Stockholm, SE, Warsaw, PL, Vienna, AT, Vilnius, LT, Zurich, CH, Atlanta, US, Chicago, US, Dallas, US, Los, US, Mexico City, MX, Miami, US, Montreal, CA, New York, US, Portland, US, Seattle, US, Vancouver, CA, Washington, US, Bursa, TR, Dubai, AE, Hong Kong, HK, Kuala Lumpur, MY, Singapore, SG, Tel Aviv, IL, Tokyo, JP, Johannesburg, ZA, Lagos, NG, Santiago, CL, São Paulo, BR, Sydney, AU


Cloud Servers Features

Built for Speed
Instant Load Times

Solid State Drives (SSD) are built to provide
read/write commands instantly. Combined with
a gigabit port and a high‐performance network,.


The protection and maintenance of your data is integral to our operations. Redundancy is built into our infrastructure as standard. Our systems are designed and built from the ground up to ensure your data is always available.


As a service provider who cares the most about
our customers, we prioritize safety. Our solution
supports automated backup to keep your files
and databases secure.

Managed Cloud Servers

Have expert support available 24/7 to assist you. Concentrate on your project while we tackle your technical concerns, network, security, and server performance.


Multiple OS Choices

Spin up a new instance with your preferred operating system or pre-installed application in just seconds.







Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud instances offers Amazon Linux, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Debian 10.8, Debian 9.13, Debian 8.7, FreeBSD 12.3, openSUSE 15.2, CentOS 8, CentOS 7 and Windows OS.

We utilize KVM ( Kernel-based Virtual Machine ) on all of our infrastructure.

No, we charge no setup fee for our cloud servers.

We offer fully managed services on all Linux, Windows, and cPanel servers free of cost.

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