Tutorials For Servers and Server Management

I made this thread for releasing my ebooks regarding server tutorials and their guides regarding most of the known problems .

Notice : The book may contain the data from other authors too , but its only added to get merged all together at one place , and can be easier for lots of server handlers or starters .

Edition 1 : (20 Random Tutorials)

Edition 2 : (cPanel/WHM Installation and Security) 

Edition 3 : (Configuring a CentOS Postfix Email Server )

Part 1 : (Postfix Email Server Configuration)

Part 2 : (Configuring the mail client like Evolution)

Edition 4 : (All About Nginx in Ubuntu )

Edition 5 : (How to manage a DDoS Attack On Linux Servers )

Edition 6 : (Installing Nginx on Kloxo Panel )

Edition 7 : (How to Setup a VPS with rTorrent and libTorrent)

Edition 8 : (How to install Lighttpd on a VPS with php)

Edition 15 : (Set Up DKIM Working With Postfix)

Edition 16 : (Kloxoptization | Take Kloxo To Next Level)

Edition 17 : (DDoSIFY | Ignore Useless People Being Part Of Your Site)

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