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Kloxo Useful SSH Commands

For those of you who have opted for the free Kloxo control panel on your VPS or dedicated server, here are some common, and simple, commands you can use to...

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DomainKey And DKIM Working Simultaneously In Kloxo

I have DomainKey and DKIM working simultaneously. Here’s what you need to do 1. Install Mail::DKIM perl module yum install perl-Mail-DKIM 2. Install libdomainkeys wget rpmbuild --rebuild libdomainkeys-toaster-0.68-1.3.6.src.rpm rpm...

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How to Create/Restore Backup In Kloxo

Backup/Restore is a core part of Kloxo. You can take backup of your entire hosting and you can trivially restore it exactly on another server. In a cluster setup, you...

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