Kloxo Useful SSH Commands

For those of you who have opted for the free Kloxo control panel on your VPS or dedicated server, here
are some common, and simple, commands you can use to make your life easier.

As with anything free, Kloxo has a few bugs any sys admin will run into. Even the big commercial packages, like cPanel, have annoying bugs.
Rather than banging your head against your keyboard for hours on end, I have complied a list of the most commonly used, and simple, command line fixes for Kloxo.

Websites fail to load:

DNS Fails to resolve:

Horde Mail gives 500 internal server errors:

Email, in general, just does not function:

Kloxo fails to load, don’t reboot, just run:

While these are the most common, there are also many more /script commands.
Be careful with what you run from /script – some can have nasty consequences, if not used properly.
If in doubt, please visit the support forums at http://lxcenter.org. Always log into your VePortal and create a
backup of your VPS container, before running any system wide command you are not familiar with. Allow time
for the backup to complete, before running the commands.

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