PPTP Debian/Ubuntu OpenVZ Setup Script

This guide is intended for those who want to set up a PPTP VPN on OpenVZ with Debian or Ubuntu on a capable provider such as ShineServers.Com . Lots of time has been spent through trial and error trying to figure it out. Insight and portions of this guide have been taken from howtogeek.com.

What is PPTP?

PPTP is short for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, a technology for creating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) quickly. Support is built-in to many operating systems natively, without needing an additional client, unlike OpenVPN.

What does this script do?

This script will automatically PPTP/PoPToP on your OpenVZ VPS in a few of minutes. Port forwarding, server configuration, and authentication setup is all taken care of for you.

How do I install it?

1. Make sure that your VPS has its PPP module working. To check, run the following command:

cat /dev/ppp

If your VPS returns this message, then your PPP module is set correctly:

cat/dev/ppp: No such device or address


If not, then you need to enable it in SolusVM (or disable and re-enable it).

2. Copy and paste these lines into your SSH client of choice:

wget https://raw.github.com/cwaffles/ezpptp/master/ezpptp.sh

chmod +x ezpptp.sh && ./ezpptp.sh


I hope it will be worth installing it , if you face any problems then you can always comment in comment box below .

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