How to Install zPanel on CentOS

About zPanel

zPanel is a php-based free control panel for windows, mac, and linux servers. The program runs on top of an Apache, MySQL, PHP stack on whichever platform is used. zPanel should be installed on a fresh server, as all of the programs that zPanel requires are set up automatically through their installation process.

Step One—Download the Zipped Installer File

To begin the zPanel installation, log into your server as “root”.

ssh root@your_ip_address

Once you are logged into your VPS, you can proceed to download the zPanel installer file:

wget http://www.zvps.co.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/zpanelx-centos-6-beta.tar.gz

Once the file is downloaded, you should unzip the tarball:

tar -xf zpanelx-centos-6-beta.tar.gz

We need to subsequently make the installation script executable:

chmod +x installer.sh.x

Prior before running the install script, we need to take one more step and install a dynamic linker with yum:

yum install ld-linux.so.2

Finally, it is time to install zPanel. Execute the automated script:


Once the zPanel installation completes, the server will reboot.

Step Two—Access Your zPanel Installation

After your server reboots, you can access zPanel by going to your domain or IP address in the browser.

Your login credentials are:

username: zadmin
password: password

As soon as you log in, be sure that you change your password. You can do this by clicking on the key in the right hand “Account Information” section and inputting a new password.


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