Setting Up A Linux Streaming Server

Linux, streaming server Linux, allows you to stream video, audio or other media on your website. If you don’t use an open source streaming server or a Darwin streaming server Linux your website will not be able to stream the media you want to provide to your visitors or customers. You can either operate your own Linux streaming server or you can sign up for a hosting plan that allows you to use their Linux video streaming server which will help with the high cost of equipment and maintenance.
Most websites do not need to operate their own streaming server linux, it is for more complicated websites that need to have open source streaming servers or Darwin streaming server capabilities. You can either purchase your own streaming server Linux equipment or you can buy software online and install it into your web server. You can find this software available for both Windows and Linux streaming servers needs.
Some major companies that offer Linux streamer server software are Helix from RealNetworks, Apple Quicktime, and Macromedia. They can provide you with open source streaming servers or Darwin streaming server capabilities without having to own your own equipment or maintain it.
When you use a hosted Linux streaming server it is much like the media software programs but is a much more realistic option for most website owners. These hosting companies specialize in Linux video streaming servers, open source streaming server and Darwin streaming server Linux needs. They are much simpler and less expensive to use. The same companies that offer the software media can offer you hosting for your Linux video streaming server needs.
When you decide that you do need to purchase your own equipment you should know that it is a very expensive endeavor. Starting out with HTTP streaming is recommended so that you can get the hang of what you’re doing before you opt for an open source streaming server or other Linux video streaming server equipment.
There are many websites online that can give you step-by-step instructions on the basics of conversion for your media which you will be using through your Linux streaming server. It is a complicated job to do on your own so if you are inexperienced in conversion and other expertise areas that have to do with Darwin streaming servers and open source streaming servers you should find the resources you need and learn everything there is to know before you begin.
Streaming server Linux equipment is very costly and unless you are planning on running a very large website like YouTube or its competitors you don’t need to have your own equipment. Streaming video online has been around for over 10 years and almost everyone knows what it is; but there are few who can run a Linux streaming server that offers both quality and compatibility. The only way to get experienced using open source streaming server equipment is to practice, so if your goal is to someday be the best streaming video website then it is recommended to get started sooner than later.
There are many steps you need to take when you are setting up a Darwin streaming server Linux based website. Listed below you will find some basic steps:
What you need to prepare yourself:
A web browser
Root access to the Linux system, which will be the media servere
Access to Ubuntu repositories
Media players that can handle streaming videos and other media such as VideoLan or Totem
Test files, audio or video
To install GNUMP3d is one of the simplest steps in your process of getting your Linux streaming server setup.
Open a terminal and run xterm or any other terminal application
Run sudo apt-get install GNUMP3d you may need to install it manually or just go to the next step
Enter your sudo or root password and allow the installation, download the source tarball from the GNUMP3d website and untar
A folder called music will be created in the var folder
Put the audio into the music folder and create symlinks to the music and movie folders in your directory
Use sudo to create links to your user account and make shortcuts which will allow it to run through your website.
Your media library will now be available in your web interface, going to your server address and adding :8888 will allow you access to your Linux video streaming server library.
Depending on the type of media or file, a different player may be required in order to make it run at best quality. If you don’t try out your Linux video streaming server with many different players you might end up with some video or audio with lag or low quality.
It is best to run an open source streaming server or Darwin streaming server Linux with the fastest possible internet connection. The faster the connection, the better streaming quality you will find.
If you follow these simple steps you should be well on your way to offering high quality streaming media to your website and to your visitors or customers.


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