cPanel Optimize Website No longer working

When client tries to enable or disable “Optimize Website” in cPanel, this error is shown:

OptimizeWS::optimizews(,) failed: Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -1 at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/OptimizeWS.pm line 104, <HC> line 52.

Here is a Solution:

To be certain you are not over-writing any existing data:

# mv /home/[cPanel user]/.htaccess /home/[cPanel user]/.htaccess.bak
# echo > /home/[cPanel user]/.htaccess; chown [cPanel user].[cPanel user] /home/[cPanel user]/.htaccess

cPanel >> Software/Services >> Optimize Website should work as expected once there is an existing .htaccess file with some content in /home/[cPanel user]/.htaccess

Let me know if anything else is needed, i’ll make sure it get fixed for you.


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  1. The above lines you mentioned is not cleared for me. Should I write these line somewhere? or something else. I have the same error, but no solution. please tell me in detail

    farhan shah

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