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“Beauty awakens the soul to act.” This resplendent phrase of Dante’ couldn’t be truer than in case of designs. Today’s internet is no longer the drab and achromatic world it was a decade ago. The internet has transformed into a vivid and colourful virtual cosmos. Especially when it comes to websites, the look and feel of the website clearly exert a strong influence on your visitors. Poor design and interface evokes mistrust and are one of the major reasons of a mistrust in a website. Leaving your website dull and boring is doing a huge disservice to your business. Choosing a wrong theme for your website can mean lower traffic, less visits and lower ranks in search engines.

A website is the digital portrayal of an organization and leave a perennial impression in the minds of your visitors. As an extension of your business, your website should reflect your business personality. Now that you have enough reasons to go for a revamp, you may think that the battle is almost won although you would soon realize that deciding to go for a revamp is the easiest part of the process. It is selecting a perfect theme that would dictate the future of your website. Even though WordPress comes with a huge selection of both free and paid themes, choosing a theme can be an overwhelming decision as you wouldn’t want your website to look like the run-of-the-mill type. Picking the right theme involves much more than just going with the latest flow, following the hippest trends or choosing the most aesthetic looking theme. Read on the tips below to see how you can pick the best WordPress theme for your website.

Define Your Needs

The first step before you can even start theme browsing is to understand what your needs are. The perfect theme would depend a lot on your business goals, the kind of business you are in, the kind of themes your competitors are using and the kind of themes your users would like? Don’t get distracted by the pretty themes and latest fads and choose a theme fitting your business instead of making your business fit to the theme.

Pick a Theme relating to Your Industry

It is understandable to want to stand out of the crowd but if a certain industry goes with a certain kind of themes, there are always reasons to theme. If you have an event planning or photography business, it is always better to stick to image-based website even if you may have the best wordsmiths in your team. Stick to a theme relating to your industry, niche, services or products.

Check for Versatility

A theme which is frozen and wouldn’t scale up with your business is not a good choice. Also opt for a theme which is responsive and serves your needs well now and in future.

Strive for simplicity

It is very easy to get carried away and choose complex themes with a lot going on. But some themes may have speed and redundant code structure issues. Go for simple and elegant themes for a timeless look.

Pick the Plugins

Ensure that whatever theme use are compatible with the kind of plugins you would need for your website.

Compatibility Issues

This is one of the most important factor when theme shopping. Ensure that the theme you are choosing is compatible with most famous browsers. Themes which are be w3 valid and cross browser compatible are a good choice.

Apart from the above pointers look for security (very important), speed (another very important factor), responsiveness, SEO friendliness before finalizing on the WordPress theme.

After you have narrowed down on a WordPress theme, the next step would be choose a hosting provider for your website. If you are on a look out for hosting services, ShineServers has got your covered. The Hosting Services offered by ShineServers are affordable, reliable and secure.

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